Vibration analyzer BALTECH VP-3470

15/03/17 14:03:48 | offer | Measuring devices, control technology
Vibration analyzer BALTECH VP-3470 is a new dual channel vibration analyzer from BALTECH. In our analyzer applies the fastest to date, two-channel analog-to-digital Converter. For ease of carrying vibrodiagnostics we have created a simple electronic component, small size and weight make hours fees i ... nformation in the shop. With the minimum cost among all similar vibrational analyzers on the market analyzer available amount of memory 8Mb, which will be enough for any continuous two-channel vibration measurement or dynamic balancing in own bearings. Large graphical color display size of 320x240 pixels and a diagonal of 3.5 inches allows you to perform rapid analysis of the causes of high vibration of machines and mechanisms. Vibration analyzer BALTECH VP-3470 has a high degree of protection from environmental influences IP65 (ingress execution). When creating this vibration analyzer, we used the high-capacity batteries, and the charge circuit allows quick and only 4 hours to fully charge the battery. Modern platform vibration analyzer BALTECH VP-3470 allows you to obtain in the future from our new developers to expand and function method of updating new versions of internal software instrument for free. Dual-channel digital vibration analyzer and data collector BALTECH VP-3470 allows you to perform: 1. Measurements for diagnostics and monitoring • measure along the route, • time signal in the "Oscilloscope" (no time limit), • vibration levels in the bands under ISO standards, 2. Balancing of rotors in place: • 1, 2, 3 or 4-plane balancing in the field, • up to 16 control points of vibration, • mode tachometer, • mode of phase meter, • the trial calculation of the balancing mass, • calculation of the mass and the angle of installation of the balancing weights of your choice (by rotation or counterclockwise rotation), • calculator adding vectors, • calculator decomposition of vectors • save protocols balancing

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