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Oil laboratories Minilab 23, Minilab 33, Minilab 53, Minilab 153 from Spectro Scientific One of the most sought-after areas of diagnostics within the framework of the Reliability Technology concept (developed by BALTECH, Marketing Director Romanov Roman Alexandrovich) is monitoring the condition ... of oils and lubricants in order to switch to servicing according to the actual condition. In combination with such areas as vibration diagnostics, thermography, and others (tribodiagnostics), it allows defining defects as accurately and efficiently as possible at the very early stage of development, preventing a possible emergency stop, thereby saving a lot of money. I suggest figuring out what kind of laboratories they are and what they eat with? In total, there are 4 different sets of laboratories in the line: 1. Minilab 23 Spectro Scientific (USA) - allows you to obtain information on the state of the chemical properties of oils - this laboratory includes the FluidScan 11000 oil chemistry analyzer and MiniVisc 3050 viscometer, the first one determines the degree of oil degradation (acid number, alkaline number, oxidation, nitration, the presence of soot, depletion of additives, full water, etc.). A viscometer will accurately measure the kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C. One of the advantages of such a laboratory is the availability of a complete library of oils, where you can compare the results and the lowest possible cost of consumables. 2. Minilab 33 Spectro Scientific (USA) - it becomes possible to count iron particles due to the presence of a FerroCheck magnetometer, which allows you to get the TriVector report (chemistry, pollution, wear) in the software. The remaining elements are the same as in the previous minilab 23 laboratory. The advantage is that it does not require long sample preparation and solvents for cleaning. The entire analysis takes no more than 30 seconds. 3. Minilab 53 Spectro Scientific (USA) - the components include minilab 23 and a LaserNet 200 particle counter is added, which allows you to perform particle counting, determine the frequency code, classification and control of iron-containing particles. Allows to distinguish sand and fibers from particles of metal wear). Possessing this kind of equipment, it is already easy to understand when and due to what wear of a particular unit occurs, which will allow repair and replacement in time, thereby preventing an emergency stop. 4. Minilab 153 Spectro Scientific (USA) - the arsenal contains the same kit as in minilab 53, but with the addition of the SpectrOil 100 elemental analyzer, which analyzes additives, contaminants or wear particles, comparing the elements found in the oil with a probable source of the problem. The advantages of such an analyzer in comparison with the old methods is that it does not require sample preparation of the sample, gases, coolants or solvents. Allows you to define up to 32 elements. And in conclusion, it’s worth mentioning, of course, about the unique software, with the help of which it becomes possible to maintain a database, generate reports on the measurements taken, and analyze trends in the state of oil in a particular unit, thereby understanding how quickly one or another of the studied oil parameters deteriorates . In large enterprises it is possible to use with network configurations. Leading enterprises in the world and in Russia are already actively using these systems, regardless of industry. For more detailed information on the applicability of the oil laboratory, we recommend contacting BALTECH, and we will share our experience. Training courses on the topics of NO-2010 "The concept of" Reliable equipment "(developer Romanov Roman Alexandrovich, 921-757-90-51) and" TOP-105 Fundamentals of the theory of lubrication of machines. Tribodiagnosis. The oil analysis method under operating conditions ”is carried out within five working days and lasting forty academic hours.

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