equipment for the analysis of oils

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Spectro Scientific equipment for the analysis of oils Tribodiagnostics is very tightly integrated into our lives. Today, the market is full of laboratories from different manufacturers, but among them I would like to highlight the leader in the world market of laboratories for the analysis of oil ... s and lubricants, the company Spectro Scientific. The company has come a very long way on the road to success. On their way, they bought out advanced technologies, improved them, and produced more advanced laboratories. You do not need to be an analytical chemist to work with Spectro Scientific oil laboratories. The laboratory requires minimal knowledge of oil analysis and understanding of oil chemistry. But this does not negate the fact that these laboratories allow you to achieve results that even the great laboratory technicians for the analysis of oils and lubricants will envy. Let's talk about them in more detail. The first set, the so-called "mechanic's kit", is the simplest and most versatile set, since not only is it a mobile laboratory and allows for on-site analysis, but it also performs analysis on a very large number of parameters. MiniLab 23 allows you to check the viscosity at 40C and make a recalculation at 100C, knowing the viscosity coefficient. It also allows you to determine the acid, alkaline number, water, soot, glycol, and the number of additives. The laboratory performs the analysis in one minute, and only 120 microliters are required for the analysis. There is no need to do preliminary sample preparation. Just did everything according to the video instructions and the analysis is carried out by the laboratory automatically. The second set is already more professional, it also includes a particle counter, which in addition to the above parameters allows you to determine the class of oil purity, the number and size of particles, and most importantly-the nature of their origin. The built-in camera tracks particles and classifies them according to the particle Atlas, dividing them into friction, cutting, and so on. The built-in magnetometer allows you to filter out metallic particles from non-metallic ones. The third set is the most advanced set in the world, as it allows you to determine up to 32 chemical elements according to the periodic table. And it's still the same with the minimum number of manipulations with the oil sample and the time spent on the analysis. All these laboratories can work separately, on their own, or in a compartment, as one large laboratory. They are combined by the OilView or TruVue software. Both programs allow you to maintain a database of your company's equipment, which allows you to track changes in the state of oil in the equipment every day. The program has a flexible interface that allows you to configure the threshold levels yourself, for each equipment individually, or use the data provided by Spectro Scientific (USA). Training courses on the topics of NO-2010 "the concept of "Reliable equipment" (developer Romanov, 921-757-90-51) and " TOR-105 Basics of the theory of machine lubrication. Tribodiagnostics. The method of oil analysis under operating conditions " is carried out within five working days and lasts forty academic hours.

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