BALTECH SA-alignment tool kit with dial indicators

13/03/19 12:09:08 | offer | Measuring devices, control technology
BALTECH SA – set of alignment tools with dial indicators The set of shaft alignment accessories BALTECH SA is intended to perform alignment of mating shafts of a wide range of machines and assemblies. The set consists of mounting fixtures and measuring units (indicators) used to perform measur ... ements, estimation of misalignment and determination of required alignment corrections. The set of shaft alignment accessories BALTECH SA includes mounting brackets, universal indicator holders, measuring rods and racks. The mounting brackets are used for installing measuring units on shafts to be aligned (on shafts or half couplings). The detailed information on installation is contained in the operation manual. The measuring units are mechanical dial indicators, that convert a linear movement into pointer rotation. An operator records initial linear dimensions and mutual shaft movements, measured during their simultaneous cranking. This data allows to calculate shaft misalignment and determine required movements of supports in vertical and cross directions, which provides shaft alignment. The needle indicators are intended to measure mutual shaft movements. They are installed on shafts with special fixtures, that are included in the delivery set BALTECH SA.

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