Balancing machines, rotor balancing

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1. Balancing machines, rotor balancing Proper balancing of the rotors of machines leads to a reduction in the load on the bearing units-extending their service life, as well as to a reduction in energy consumption-reducing the operating costs of equipment. Of course, this requires reliable bala ... ncing machines, such as the company "BALTECH" Germany -balancing machines series HBM (horizontal baltech balancing machines), balancing machines series VBM (vertical baltech balancing machines) or balancing machines series SBM (baltech special purpose balancing machines). When you contact the company "BALTECH", even by phone, you will be assigned a Manager who will help you choose the right balancing machine (horizontal, vertical, special) and will provide all the necessary technical support. It is really easy to buy a reliable baltech balancing machine! You can get acquainted with the technical characteristics of balancing machines on our website in the section "balancing machines". If your production already operates balancing machines, then you probably know that each of them at any time should be two valid documents: 1. The measuring path has metrological verification. This means that the vibration sensor (force sensor), as well as the Tacho sensor, make the correct measurements for the calculations. 2. The stand has passed the annual certification in accordance with the requirements of Vibration Standards. Balancing machines. Characteristics and methods of their verification". This document shows that the balancing machine has passed the health check and the machine's own noise and frequency are not superimposed on the balanced rotor. A balanced rotor on such a machine can be installed in its own bearings at the site of operation. If necessary, you can use the services of our technical service Department, which carry out field work on the certification of balancing machines on the site of their operation. The training center of the company "BALTECH" conducts planned educational courses and on-site training of technical specialists with the issuance of certificates confirming the right to work on the balancing machine. A properly trained balancing specialist performs the work much faster and much more accurately than someone who has independently studied the basics of balancing on machines. In addition, the training center "Baltech" trains specialists in balancing rotors on the site of their operation or, as they say, balancing in their own bearings. This method of balancing is suitable for those who, for a number of reasons, balancing on machines can not be implemented: for example, the banal absence of a balancing machine or the economic disadvantage of carrying out work on the disassembly and transportation of the rotor to the balancing machine. Balancing with portable devices can significantly reduce the vibration of machines at the site of operation, especially when parts such as impellers or couplings were installed on the pre-balanced rotor on the machine, and masses that were not involved in the balancing process were used for their attachment: nuts, washers, keys, etc. Contact BALTECH to get full advice and support.

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