11. New! BALTECH VP-3470-Ex. New explosion-proof vibration a

16/11/18 09:34:51 | offer | Measuring devices, control technology
Devices of this class are intended for diagnostics, repair and vibration control of electric motors, compressors, smoke exhausters, turbines, pumps, generators, fans and other rotary-type mechanisms during operation. The vibrometer balancer is used to regularly maintain mechanisms in good condition ... . At any level of production, this device is capable of: • Monitor the current technical condition of equipment and its components in accordance with ISO 10816-3; • Control the quality of the balance of rotor mechanisms and centering of composite rotors; • Non-contact control of rotor turns, performance of dynamic balancing of mechanisms at the installation site; • Maintain a database of vibration measurement databases, forecasting the residual life of equipment components, maintenance and repair periods. Our offer. BALTECH GmbH manufactures and offers customers two such devices. New explosion-proof vibrometer-balancer BALTECH VP-3470-Ex. This kit is so easy to use that even users who do not have special training can quickly perform equipment balancing. A portable balancing device is the result of a modification of previous vibration balancing devices. It is known that the imbalance is the main cause of increased vibration of the rotor mechanisms, which leads to rapid wear of bearing assemblies, degradation of lubricant, increased noise, breakdown of parts of mechanisms and rotor shafts. This dramatically reduces the efficiency of the entire unit. It is necessary to correct the imbalance, but this operation is a difficult task. For its implementation requires qualified personnel and measuring equipment. To simplify the implementation of this task, a new explosion-proof vibrometer balancer BALTECH VP-3470 was created. The multifunctional kit is able to clearly carry out balancing in its own supports of various mechanisms and machines. Features BALTECH VP-3470-Ex. The compact device is able to function in the following modes: • Vibrometer, measuring vibration speed, vibration acceleration, vibration displacement, RMS, amplitude, kurtosis; • Measurement of the envelope spectrum; • Measurement along the route and out of the route; • tachometer; • Phase meter. New explosion-proof BALTECH VP-3470 can calculate (measure): • Trial mass; • Mass and installation angle of the balancing mass; • Time signals, working in oscilloscope mode; The device is designed to analyze vibration, two-channel measurement, spectral analysis of signals, analysis (time, spectral) of the envelope of the high-frequency component of vibration. It is possible to carry out multiplane balancing (4 planes, 16 points, test run), connect a standard stroboscope, transfer information to BALTECH-Expert software (it will be possible to maintain a database on equipment status, analyze received information, predict, diagnose mechanisms and generate reports) and control through a PC with advanced features for analysis. Vibrometer balancing BALTECH VP-3460. BALTECH VP-3460 is also simple and easy to use. This device is a great assistant repair units (mechanics, power engineers). He has an advanced electronic circuit and BALTECH-Expert software is installed on it. This makes it possible to control information on vibration and temperature in the range (-55 ... + 130) degrees. The connection of standard tachometers and the use of two vibration channels are allowed. The capabilities of the equipment. BALTECH VP-3460 can function in the following modes: • Tachometer, measuring frequencies with revolutions, and checking the operation of the photo sensor; • Thermometers, measuring temperature (range (-55С… + 130С) surfaces of solids and liquids; • Phase meter, checking the work and quality of phase angle measurements, without entering the balancing mode; • Vibration analysis, automatically determining the frequencies, performing manual frequency entry, performing harmonic switching and displaying the level at the 1st harmonic and the total vibration level; • Vibrometer, measuring the SCR of the vibration velocity (range 10-1000 Hz) and the double span of the vibration displacement. The device can memorize 250 values of readings and transfer them to a computer database. He is also able to memorize temporary realizations of the vibration signal in order to process it further on a computer; • Balancing, performing dynamic balancing and specifying the number of measurement points and the number of correction planes. As you can see, the device has a lot of opportunities. In addition, the multifunctional kit can perform the functions of a measuring unit for outdated models of balancing machines. Such machines are not equipped with measuring parts, which does not allow them to calculate balancing masses. In conclusion, we note that both devices comply with ISO 10816.

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