10. Types of vibration sensors, types and types of vibromete

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Vibration is a mechanical oscillatory motion transmitted to the human body from equipment (building structures). Classification of vibrations. 1. The cause. Vibration can be unintentional (for example, poor balancing / centering of the rotor of the machine) and intentional. The second type of vibr ... ation is used when sinking piles, compacting concrete, and other technological processes; 2. The method of transmission. Vibration is common (transmitted to the human body through the supporting surfaces) and local / local (transmitted through the hands); 3. Direction of action. Vibration is divided into vertical (X axis), horizontal (Y axis, sagittal plane) and horizontal (Z axis, frontal plane). Vibration parameters must comply with the requirements of sanitary standards on the basis of GOST 12.1.012-90 (96). According to the document, vibration control is necessarily carried out at certification of workplaces and after a certain period (periodically) of time. Control of local vibration should be done once every six months and after the repair of equipment, in total - once a year. However, technical inspection by trade unions or health services may require an assessment of vibration. Control of vibration parameters must be carried out in real production conditions, when the operating conditions of machines are typical and the person is affected by the limiting vibration. Vibration measuring devices. However, vibration control methods are impossible without the use of modern vibration measuring devices: • Vibration transducers; • Vibrometers (portable, scanning, stationary); • Vibration analyzers; • Vibration analyzers; • Stationary systems capable of continuously controlling vibration and protection; • Bench systems that allow to diagnose electric motors and bearings; • Expert systems evaluating the state of the machines; • Portable devices that measure and analyze vibration, balancing rotor mechanisms in their own bearings, diagnosing the condition of bearings; • Universal high-precision balancing machines (complexes), balancing both 5-gram and 90-ton rotary mechanisms. Our offer. To make vibration control methods as efficient as possible, BALTECH GmbH offers its latest products to consumers, which comply with ISO 10816. It consists of: • Vibro pens (BALTECH VP-3405, BALTECH VP-3405-2, BALTECH VP-3407-1 (-2, -3) with a vibration sensor built into the body; • BALTECH VP-3410 vibration tester with a remote vibration sensor (on cable); • BALTECH VP-3450 instrument diagnosing rolling bearings by the Shock Impulse Method and the state of lubrication in the bearing; • Vibrometer balancer BALTECH VP-3460. Our customers also have a technical service department that performs vibration diagnostics of rotor dynamic equipment, as well as a “Training Center in which specialists can improve their qualifications at seminars on vibration diagnostics and balancing of machines and mechanisms according to the IORS: 2020 reliability concept.

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